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SBI Net Banking: SBI stands for State Bank of India is an Indian Multinational, Public Sector, and Financial Services company headquartered in Maharashtra, Mumbai. SBI is largest Bank of India in term of assets. It has more than 14,000 branches spread across different countries. SBI has more than 2 Lakh employees all over the country as per the reports of 2014. Also, SBI ranked 232 in Fortune Global 500 List as of 2016. SBI Net Banking services are useful in various sectors.

SBI Net Banking

State Bank of India

SBI Net Banking

After demonetization, the use of Net Banking is increased to a great extent. With the use of Net Banking, you can perform various activities online anytime, provided you should just have a steady internet connection. SBI Net Banking provides a wide range of services like Online Funds Transfer, Book Tickets, Pay Utility Bills, Pay Taxes, etc.

Essential Services of SBI Net Banking

Here we will provide you some of the important services of SBI Net Banking.

1. Using Online Funds Transfer service, you can Transfer Funds within your accounts. Apart from this, you can transfer funds to any third party having an account in SBI.

2. You can Transfer Funds to any other bank using Inter-Bank Transfer Systems like RTGS and NEFT.

3. Using Credit Card(Visa) Bill Pay services you will be able to Transfer Money to any VISA Credit Card. Besides, you will be able to grab all the hot deals available on various E-Commerce sites on SBI Credit Cards.

4. Using IMPS(Immediate Payment Service) you will be able to transfer funds instantly from your smartphone.

5. Using SBI Netbanking, you will be able to pay various Utility Bills like electricity bills, water bills, credit card bills, etc.

6. You can also make recharges of your DTH or Prepaid or Postpaid Bill.

7. You can Book Tickets for Movies, Flights, Hotels, etc

8. Using SBI Net Banking, you can Book Railway Tickets from IRCTC site or any other third party site.

9. You can also Pay Income Tax and various other taxes using SBI Net Banking. Also, you can view the status of Tax using net banking.

10. You can Invest in various Mutual Funds using SBI Net Banking.

11. You can also check the balance of your Savings/Current Account Anytime. You can also request for a new chequebook online.

12. You can also Block your ATM using SBI Net Banking.

13. You can Transfer Funds to any Charitable or Religious institutions.

14. You can open Demat Account and can view details about your Demat Account anytime.

15. You can also apply for Loan suitable to you using SBI Net Banking.

16. You can request for Gift Card online using SBI Net Backing. You can view the details about Gift card at any SBI ATM or Online.

17. Using SBI Net banking, you will be able to pay Fees of Educational Institutions like IITs and NITs.

How can I register for SBI Net banking?

To register for SBI Net Banking, you need to follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, Visit the nearest SBI Bank and then register for the SBI Net Banking Service. Later on, first-time login details about SBI Net Banking
    will be sent to your registered address via courier.
  • Now you can login into OnlineSBI site using First-time login details. You need to take care of some of the steps as given below.
  • Firstly, you need to create New User ID and Password.
  • Nextly need to create a new profile password.

If you want to Register for SBI Net Banking Online, then watch the video as shown below:

To Login to your Internet Banking Account, Visit this link.

Frequently Asked Questions about SBI Net Banking

What is the main thing about Net Banking?

SBI Net banking is the best way to perform various banking activities online at your suitable time. SBI Net Backing is active 24×7 and you can access it just a few clicks away.

What is OnlineSBI? How can I register for OnlineSBI?

OnlineSBI is an Internet Banking service offered by SBI. To register for this service, you need to simply download the form from the OnlineSBI, fill all the necessary details and submit it to your nearest SBI Branch. The Branch will then verify all the details.

How can I open an account in SBI?

Follow the easy steps as given below:

  • Firstly, collect the Form required to open an account from Bank or Download it from Online SBI Site.
  • Secondly, fill the form and submit necessary documents along with two necessary photographs to your nearest SBI Branch.
  • ¬†Thirdly, verify all the details with the SBI representative and submit the minimum amount of money as per bank norms. After following these steps, your account is opened.

I am NRI(Non-Resident Indian). How can I open an account in SBI?

When you are on a visit to India, download and fill the form and attach all necessary documents. Submit it to the branch. If you want to open an account outside India then follow the steps as given below.

– Firstly, Download and Fill the form. Then attach all the necessary documents with it and submit to SBI representative at the bank.
– Secondly, you need to submit your copy of passport to any INB service in India. Also submit details to any SBI Branch nearby, if available.
– Also, you can mention details like at which branch you need to open your SBI account.

Can I change the User ID and password of OnlineSBI sent to me via courier?

Yes, you can change the User ID and Password when you log in for the first time. Later on, you can change the password as many times you want, but you can’t change the User ID.

What can I do If I forgot my password?

You need to simply click on the link “Forgot Password” available on the OnlineSBI website and follow necessary steps as provided. You will receive a new password within few days at your registered address.

What can I do If I forgot my Username?

If you forgot your username, you have to visit your nearest SBI Branch and register for OnlineSBI again.


Can my School going Son/ Daughter open an Account in SBI?

Yes, Children of any age can have his/her joint bank account with parent or guardian. All the children above the age of 10 can open their personal bank account under certain financial limits.

What are best practices to create a password?

  • You are kindly requested to select a word that is not found in English Dictionary.
  • Never assign your name, your family name or any other name as it can be easily guessed.
  • Change password frequently.
  • Never write your password anywhere.
  • Never reveal your password to anyone even if the person claims to be of SBI.

Why the Username and Password are cryptic?

The Username and password are machines generated, that’s why they are cryptic. OnlineSBI doesn’t have any concern regarding your data. Also, your Username and password are not known to anyone except you. However, you can change the Password anytime but not the username.

I have received the Username but not the password. What should I do?

Due to some security reason, the username and password are sent via different emails. In case, you have not received any one of these, you should directly report an issue on “Customer Care” link available on the Login page of the portal.


I am not able to log in through my Username and Password received by courier. What Should I do?

The Username and Password I received are cryptic. As both, username and password are System generated, they are case-sensitive. You should be sure that all the characters appearing the same as the document sent to you. If then also, you are facing problems, then visit the link “customer care” available on the home page of the site.

There are various Apps associated with State Bank of India. We will provide you details about most used apps.

State Bank Anywhere and State Bank Buddy are the two applications providing various services to perform various transactions. Both the Applications are available on Android as well as iOS. Moreover, State Bank Buddy App is available in 13 Languages.

SBI Net Banking

SBI Buddy App